Rui Qing pronounced Ray Ching.

Living in Singapore, Australia and Canada has definitely opened my eyes to the varied ways in how people live.

Canada really drilled into me the respect for the original land dwellers (First Nations), sustainability efforts and love for Nature.

Repeatedly packing up and moving across continents made me realise the amount of stuff that I had. This led to a drastic reduction in shopping and efforts to reduce the number of items at home.

Single words that I identify with:

  1. Consideration
  2. Empathic
  3. Learning
  4. Reflective
  5. Simplify
  6. Structure
  7. Sustainable
  8. Thoughtful

Why this blog

I've had multiple blogs since blogging began many years ago. Mostly to learn self-host and tinker with code. One incarnation even shot to the top of Google search for a particular school's search term. But over time, they all fell by the wayside.

As one who loves researching and sharing relevant information with friends, this latest incarnation seeks to do that.

“Learnings” from older friends will also be shared, in the hopes that someone will find them useful.

Why Impermanence

This latest incarnation might not be the last one. But that's why it's called Impermanence. Nothing is forever.

The understanding that everything around us is impermanent. Things spoil, people age, emotions and perceptions change. With that in mind everyday, I'm better able to laugh, forgive and move on.

As with everything online, this is but a few aspects of myself. We are all layered and change perceptions subtly day by day. As thoughts flow onto this blog, so too do they change as more experiences and reflections occur.

If you're reading this, welcome stranger, from my heart to yours, have a great day ahead <3

Why tinynyonya.com

tiny – you’ll understand if we meet in person
nyonya – lost roots

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