Margot Talks – Dating as a trans person, coming out and what it means to be a woman are just some of the questions answered on the webseries

Shannon Power / GayStarNews

Growing up Margot Fink was the only bi, trans and biracial girl at her tightknit Jewish school in Australia.

When it came to asking questions – let alone finding answers – about gender and sexuality she had nowhere to go.

she was a driving force behind All Of Us, the first government-approved LGBTI teaching resource in Australia.

Fink has worked at the LGBTI youth organization Minus18 and she helped lead the trans youth group YGender. For a long time she also did LGBTI advocacy work with the Victorian Government and Police.

She’s out on a mission to help the world understand gender and identity and her Margot Talks series does just that.

Created entirely by volunteers the Margot Talks hopes to tackle topics like; coming out and transitioning, dating as a trans person, what going on hormones is actually like, making public spaces inclusive, and the different ways religion and cultural diversity can intersect with being LGBTI.

A friend of mine told me that he/she (to protect identity) was trans gender. Unlike Margot, I knew that person prior to the “coming out”. It was easy to accept the change as our interactions were digital (based in different countries). However, after reading a bit more, I realised that there are so many issues that trans people face, that I (and maybe you) take for granted.

So glad that Margot has started sharing information!