Why I’m not playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite

With the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the Other Half and a whole bunch of friends started playing it.

When prior Niantic games, Ingress and Pokemon Go, launched, the Other Half and I launched into intense playing — spreadsheets, a Tableau visualisation posted on Reddit, community events, etc. Go Big or Go Home, is our modus operandi.

Time spent on both Ingress and Pokemon Go has since decreased to almost nil.

With this launch, things were different. I flatly refused to even download the application, knowing that it would be a massive time sink. Time that I could not spare as due to other priorities.

It has been slightly lonely (or FOMO), watching the Other Half excitedly discussing the game with friends. While he would like us to play the game together, he understands why I do what I do.

We both agree that time should be spent wisely and right now, it’s divided between ramping up my career, health and spending time with him.

Short-term versus long-term.

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