Intentionally weird

This is an actual commercial that ran on national television. It features two animated furry animals with bulging eyes and a mouth full of bare teeth. One is wearing a black bowler hat. The other was wearing the kind of hat that old-timey sea captains used to wear and it’s playing an acoustic guitar. They’re singing about Quiznos sandwiches, while bopping around over footage of the subs coming out of an oven.

It’s like this memorable horrific advertising campaign. It’s almost an assault, like in a way. And I remember just seeing him be like, what the hell was that? Like what just happened? And I like immediately loved it. Sometimes there’s these flashpoints where weird underground stuff finds its way to popular culture and the mainstream gets like a little exposure to it.

Creativity magazine, which is a big industry magazine, covered it and the creative director who reviewed it said something very interesting. “On the surface this just seems like a bunch of crazy maybe gross creatures, you know being funny,” but he says, “You look at this work. This campaign is brilliant retail advertising. The client’s store name, the logo is on the screen the entire time. Characters, they’re not just singing a funny song. They’re singing about the sub and that they’re toasted and they then show the toaster and the sandwich is going through the toaster and then they’re talking about the price of the sandwiches. This is brilliant.”

Listen to the podcast talking about the story of how this Quiznos ad got made.

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