Quietly honest

A new job. A new environment, culture and expectations.

My DiSC results showed a high reluctance for conflict. However, conflict is inevitable to varying degrees when working with people of different characters.

Generalising here when I say that the Asian culture promotes sweeping issues under the rug to promote a surface of harmony. It would have been easy to brush the friction aside.

I quietly raised conflicting issues early. Nothing deal-breaking. After a lot of reflection, the root of the issue dawned on me. I reflected again, discussed the issue with trusted people and wrote it out to check my thought process.

As I write this, the stages of explaining have begun. Forgive the lack of details as it is a case still unravelling.

This is penned down as a milestone reminder. That I am being as openly honest as possible. That this is an incredibly uncomfortable task as it goes against how I operate, yet I realise it is necessary. It could cost me, but living my life as honestly as possible is what I strive for.