The Science of winning online sweepstakes

Winning online sweepstakes is supposedly an act of pure luck — but some contestants claim to have it down to a science.

Qualitative vs

Her strategy is simple: She primarily enters “qualitative” online contests that allow her to stand out in some way, like tweets or photo tags on Instagram.

“A lot of people maintain that [sweepstakes] are just pure chance,” she says. “But the people running them aren’t picking at random. They often go for the person who put in more effort than everyone else — the type of winner who would really appreciate the prize.”


…using a quantitative strategy based on sheer volume: 

1. She creates a new email specifically for sweepstakes.
2. She uses sweepstake aggregators (resources that list thousands of legitimate promotions in one location) to find form-based competitions.
3. She uses software to auto-fill hundreds of entry forms with her information.

In a one hour-long sitting, with a few clicks, Wilman can enter more than 200 sweepstakes. The goal is two-fold: To enter as many contests as humanly possible, and to minimize the amount of time it takes to do it. 

“Luck has nothing to do with winning,” she says. “It all comes down to effort and persistence.”

Effort and persistence.

Do or do not. There is no try.