Donations in Singapore

Updated 8 Jan 2019

Google “Singapore donations” and you’ll find MANY blog posts on lists of places to donate. But where are the donations going?

I reached out to friends, googled places and cross-checked with Journey to Zero Waste Life in Singapore Facebook group. Robin, the admin, seems to be quite an informed and logical person.

I’m personally okay if donated items do not go directly to beneficiaries, but be transparent about it. Then the donor can make an informed decision.

Swapping is an option, but my plan is to get rid of items.

1. Items to Directly Benefit Beneficiaries

2. Beneficiary Unknown

  • Clothes (unconfirmed)Holy Family Church Thrift Shop (East Coast)
    Not much useful information on the thrift shop could be found. Items could be sold to benefit the church

Please read this very informative post on places to donate clothes in Singapore. The list does not include any of the places listed above.