Did Airbnb Kill the Mountain Town of Crested Butte

via Outside

This wasn’t politics with a capital P; it was something far deeper. One woman described how, in 2008, “after both of my long-term tenants walked, VRBO made the difference for me—it made me able to make my mortgage payment.” STRs, she suggested, were a symptom of a larger problem: “This is the middle class hanging on by its fingernails.”

The article does not pretend that there is any clear solution nor blame anyone. This is one of many documentation of the housing issues that various communities worldwide face when short-term rentals spring up in the competitive housing market.

In Singapore, short-term rentals are mostly illegal, with the assumption that renters want to rent for less than a month. This article gives a more precise explanation of the laws surrounding short-term rentals. That being said, while there are still places in Singapore that do short-term rentals, I think that the owners will only get caught when neighbours complain to the authorities. Shhhh.

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