Grovemade's super concise internal presentations

via Andrew Allen/WeTransfer

On the first Monday of each month, everyone gets together for an update on sales, marketing, production, product issues, finance, and R&D.
These monthly presentations take five to ten minutes. Afterward, Ken exports a PDF of the Paste deck and emails it to the entire team, so those who weren’t present get the updates and there’s a written record of what was discussed.
...once a year, they go all in: a 30-minute presentation that recaps the entire year with multiple people presenting. In our meeting-intensive world, a half-hour long annual recap at any company is practically unheard of and Ken knows this. “I’m really proud of the 30-minute presentation covering an entire year,” he says. “We practice it to make sure people don’t ramble. We take pride in making these presentations really concise and to the point.

Impressed at the super short duration of the updates. Would really like to see it in action.

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