Japan 2019

After a long hiatus of not travelling outside of Singapore and Malaysia for 4 years, we finally went to Japan this year. We went primarily to check out the Setouchi Triennale (next one in 2022, worth checking out if you like art and have never been before). All in all, we checked out many cities, and each of them definitely had their own highlights.

  • Osaka
  • Naoshima
  • Teshima
  • Inujima
  • Shodoshima
  • Takamatsu
  • Megijima
  • Ogijima
  • Oshima
  • Hanajuku (Not a city, but still definitely worth a chapter)
  • Kyoto

Each of these is worth its own post, so do enjoy them. They'll be coming up bit by bit, do stay tuned for each chapter.

We can't talk about our Japan trip without mentioning the amazing Wendy. Wendy is a travel consultant specialising in Japan who helped us navigate the ludicrous number of trip options in Japan, down to guiding us on travel options to move between cities, to advice on accommodations. Thanks Wendy! Everyone else, definitely check out her website and reach out to her if you need trip planning advice!

[Rui Qing add-on] Fair warning for first time visitor to Setouchi Triennale. It requires quite a bit of logistical planning and navigation. I call it the 'Art Amazing Race'. Wendy helped us maximise our time so well! We saw so many artworks and yet had enough time to rest. Also, as these islands aren't as touristy as say Kyoto, being able to speak and read Japanese is incredibly helpful. Most groups of visitors to Triennale had at least 1 fluent speaker in Japanese.

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