Not Relationship Goals

Over the years, friends[1] have approached us for relationship advice. Some have been casual questions, others have been intense discussions.

Initially perplexed, I tried to explain how our relationship was conducted, attempting to distill various solutions for friends, while contextualising it to their unique relationships.

Older, more reflective and slightly wiser thanks to discussing relationships with much older friends, I realise there is no unique relationship.

We are not #relationshipgoals.

We just work really, really, really hard at the relationship every day. What everyone sees now is the result of 10 years of effort and many, many more to come.

The effort on both sides can be perceived to be unequal[2], but our faith in the relationship[3] is what keeps the effort going.

  1. Usually peers or younger ↩︎

  2. By people inside and outside the relationship ↩︎

  3. Admittedly, at times the faith not always 100%, but so far we have always managed to bounce it back up when it has faltered ↩︎

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