Phone loss

It was a dark and stormy night. /wry face

I tucked the phone into the skirt pocket, opened the compact umbrella, wrapped the billowing skirt around myself and hurriedly trotted home.

With less than five minutes left to home, I checked the pocket to make sure the phone was still inside. Yes it was.

Reached home, reached into pocket… Nothing.

As I half-heartedly searched through my pouch, the other half called the phone.

First call: A couple of rings.

Second call: Straight to voice mail.

We sprang into action.

  1. Suspend and order new sim card
  2. Order new phone
  3. Put iPhone into remote wipe mode
  4. Change email password, set 2-factor authentication via SMS to other half’s phone. Check to make sure it works.
  5. Change a few other important passwords.

Once that was all done, other half nodded and said, “it could have happened at a worse time”.

I smiled.

A. Despite it being a relatively packed social engagement week due to the festive period, we would always be travelling around together, so I could rely on him to be my point of contact and for GPS directions.

B. I was already in the market for a new phone and we had set aside budget to purchase one.

C. I could truly disconnect over the weekend. Peace!

It has been a full 3 days of no phone. I have had no phone whilst being at retreats, but not while living “daily” life. It has been great! When out travelling, I stare idly around, taking in people and scenery or chatting with the other half more.

Fun fact: When phone-less, only five people were personally informed. Others found out from (1) my Facebook post (2) other half posting to two (friends) group chats.

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