Weekly recap | 18 to 24 Nov 2019

Starting these weekly recaps after seeing other bloggers that I respect doing it. I find it helpful to look back and be thankful for what has happened.

Mon 18

Tue 19

  • Initial lunch plans with a friend was postponed, so met up with an old friend who was in Singapore. The kind of friend whom one meets once or twice a year, but yet you two just easily pick up where you last left.
  • Interview for WorkLiftBalance. First time. Fun time.
  • Gym at WorkLiftBalance.

Wed 20

  • Zero-waste shopping with gym friend. We brought multiple containers, bracing ourselves to buy many plastic-free snacks, but ended up buying vegetable chips for our trainer and a loofa. Researched how to plant and dehydrate loofas.
  • Gym at WorkLiftBalance.
  • Dinner with overly excited trainers and gym friend resulted in the rebirth of Kampung Sharing. In proof-of-concept phase ;)

Thu 21

  • Quick tea with a former colleague.
  • Gym at WorkLiftBalance. First time that I did three consecutive days and was surprised that I was still standing.
  • Friend had two extra packs of hard-to-get Ahmad Zahid's Instagram briyani and kindly offered them to a close group of friends. Other Half and I had one pack of stingray briyani. The other was kept for a friend to surprise his girlfriend with.

Fri 22

  • Dinner with primary school classmates while the Other Half brought Tyrael McBratty to the vet for his weekly visit.

Sat 23

  • Attended the full-day BizFest 2019 alone. Ran into an old friend. Meaningfully networked with 7 people before, during and after the event. Who am I?! I used to be so terrified to attend these events alone, let alone speak to strangers.
  • Scheduled a meeting that I am so excited for.

Sun 24

  • Finally an entire day peacefully spent with the Other Half and Tyrael McBratty.
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