What Mongolian Nomads Teach Us About the Digital Future

via Wired

People who pack up and transport their house twice a year become choosy about their possessions. I recently traveled among the nomads of Mongolia for two weeks and had a chance to inspect their belongings.

I think we’ll cruise through the future with empty pockets. I won’t need to carry my phone because I should be able to lift up any screen anywhere and have it immediately became my tool, my screen. It recognizes me from my face, voice, heartbeat, and transforms itself into my phone interface. When I am done, I leave that screen where it was…

The environment, if it is rich and well-cared for and understood, shall provide.

The takeaways of using less, making fewer things count more and trusting that the environment will amaze and care for us.

Hark the cries of “hipster!’

Ok, applying this in an urban setting, cloud services allow one’s entire computer to crash and then get back up and working within half a hour. How? Every software and file on that computer was downloaded from and backed up to a cloud. Staff can just request a new computer from IT department, download software and files, then get back up and working!

Look at what formal dress rentals and wardrobe rentals (e.g. StyleTheory) offer – an opportunity to reduce the sizes of wardrobes while refreshing what we wear. Unless you’re like me who always wears the same dress to weddings (surprisingly no one has noticed, or if they have, no one has commented), and still has a ton of clothes to get rid of!

We could all benefit from having fewer belongings (less cleaning, yay!), smaller homes (less mortgage, yay!) and reducing our carbon footprint.

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