Why I started curating Covid-19 news

Why I started curating Covid-19 news

When Covid-19 broke out, my group chats were inundated with real news, fake news, jokes, half truths, odd medical remedies, etc. I attemted to debunk some and ignored the rest.

How do I get my updates? To not be inundated with Covid-19 news, I refer to a curated list of news outlets, channels and people.

Occasionally, I forward selected news to selected friends. No mass spam. The positive responses reminded me of what I have always enjoyed doing - thoughtfully curated articles.

So here is my curated list of Covid-19 news from around the world.

Some points to note:

  1. I am based in Singapore.
  2. News shared will be generally centered around Singapore, Malaysia, USA and UK.
  3. Country specific news will be tagged accordingly, e.g. Singapore → Covid-19 SG.

I hope to be a trusted source of Covid-19 news for you.

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